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Computing in Molecular Biology 2

Introduction to Data Science

13 February 2018

This course is an introduction to Quantitative Thinking. We will use the tools we learned in the previous course and apply them to model real data and to simulate scientific experiments as a way to understand them.

This page will be updated during the semester. Please check it regularly.

The forum of the course is at You can also participate writing an email to .


All quizzes and homework should be sent to before the deadline to get a grade. Please be careful, otherwise you will get a grade zero.


Here you find the slides that have been used in classes. Notice that usually they are not published immediately, so you better take good notes. We recommend taking notes with pen and paper using the Cornell Method.


By regulation from the Rectory, students need to attend at least 70% of the classes. The attendance book is updated every week and can be seen in Google Sheets.

Some Free Online Resources about R