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Homework 2

23 February 2018. Deadline: Wednesday, 28 February, 9:00.
  1. The function draw_star() that we build in the class has 3 inputs: N, R and angle, and draws always around the center of the window. Please modify it to work with two more inputs, named x and y, that indicate the center of the star. Modify also the functions draw_polygon() and draw_circle() to also handle x and y to choose the position.
  2. Use these functions (and others) to draw a stick man like the one you did in Homework 1.
  3. (Optional) We propose that initial_angle must be 90+angle/2 and size must be 2*R*sin(angle*pi/360). Why these values?

Deadline: Wednesday, 28 February, 9:00.

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