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Evaluation of Midterm exam

09 November 2022

If one day I win the lottery, I will probably do the same as I do today, since I love what I do. Except one thing: I will not grade exams. I only do it for the money. The rest I do for love.

The main reason I hate grading is that I get stressed trying to be fair, and give the same grade to equivalent answers. There are some strategies to achieve a fair evaluation.

To be honest, bad English affects me negatively, so good answers seem not-so-good. In general, if an answer is correct but not clearly explained, the grade is 99.

Your part

The preliminary grades can be seen at the course’s Google Sheet. You can see each question set here:

I wrote my comments in boldface.

Please check your grades and let me know if I made any mistake. Send me an email before next week. I will wait for your comments until the last minute when I have to publish official answers.