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1. Taxon

09 November 2022

A taxon is any node in the taxonomy tree. This is the core idea.

It does not matier if it is an internal node or a leaf. In other words, a taxon represent a taxonomic branch of any rank. It can be a phylum, a class, order, family, genus, species, strain, or any intermediate rank.

Please keep your answers brief and to the point. Saying that “taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classification” does not show more knowledge. Write only what is relevant.

Student 1 100

Taxon is the taxonomic group of any rank for example species, genus, family etc.

Student 2 50

taxon means place of species in taxonomy which we use for categorize all species.

Student 3 50

Taxon is a member of taxonomy which the branch of science concerned with classification. And also nodes are called “taxa”, singular “taxon”. Nodes present each organism in the abstract tree. Each taxon has a numeric ID and each taxon present one thing or one organism in the tree. Each taxon has a specific name.

No need to define taxonomy as a science. The answer is too long, with irrelevant details.

Student 4 50

Nodes are called taxa (singular: taxon). Each taxon has a numeric ID, called taxid. Each taxon has several attributes: Taxid of the parent node, Scientific name, Common name, Alternative names: old names, misspellings, History of the classification

Nodes? Nodes of what?

Student 5 100

All living things are in a classification. This is shown as a tree. NCBI has an unoffical taxonomy tree. Moreover all species has a class. All classes are represented by points that we call nodes and nodes are called taxa(singular form:taxon). Each taxon has a numeric ID, called taxid. And each taxon has several attributes;

Student 6 100

In the taxonomy tree, nodes are called taxon. It shows organisms class. Each taxon has a numeric ID so its special to organism.

Student 7 100

Nodes and arcs are the main parts of trees. All classes are represented by points and they are called nodes. All nodes are connected with the arrows and they are called arcs. Nodes are called taxa in NCBI Taxonomy. Taxon is the singular form. Therefore taxon is the classes in taxonomy trees.

Student 8 90

taxon is a group of one or more population of an organism. It comes from greek word. tax-on. each species has tax id. and the group that species belong is called taxon. There is a hierarchy of classes that separate the level of same classes and subsets. ıt starts with the root and then by using edges we separate nodes. Nodes is called taxon. Also it is called internal.

What “population of an organism”? Does it come from Greek?

Student 9 80

Taxonomy is the classification of something, in our case organisms. Each class is called a taxon (plural taxa).

Student 10 50

Taxon is the name of class. In NCBI each taxon has taxonomic number(txid).

Student 11 90

Taxonomy is a nested hierarchical classification system. In this system, all classes are represented by points that we call taxons. A taxon is a group of one or more population of organisms.

Student 12 80

a taxon is a group of organisms that have common characteristics in some aspects but they differ in some characteristic features. In other words, in the taxonomical lineage of organisms taxon is a class. In a taxonomical tree (I don’t know if the best word to describe it or not) we present them as points that are called nodes.

Student 13 50

Taxon is classification. Assigning each object to a class. Every object is in one and only in one class. There is always a class for each object. There is no object that is in two or more classes.

Student 14 80

Taxonomy is a classification of organisms and for the map of the classification classes are represented by nodes. In the NCBI Taxonomy nodes are called taxon.