Blog of Andrés Aravena


20 April 2016

My friend Greg, despite being “gringo”, speaks good Turkish and Spanish. Better than me, for sure. Since he also speaks math and computers we usually talk a lot. He convinced me to attend to a series of meetings held at Istanbul Technical University, Maçka Campus, about data science. They are organized by a nice group of students and data scientist that call themselves Dataistanbul.

Despite my basic understanding of the Turkish Language, I enjoyed the talk. The organizers approached Greg and Emrah and spoke to them in English, since they both are blond. I look Turkish so people speaks Turkish to me. Somehow this conversation ended with an invitation for me to speak about Bioinformatics and Data Science in Science.

Finally I gave a talk to the group, with a general overview of the kind of data questions arising from genomics and bioinformatics. The slides can be seen here.