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Our paper in the news around the world

22 January 2024 by Andrés Aravena

After a long process, the work of Dr. Emrah Kırdök (an academic at Mersin University) in which I was one of the coauthors has finally been published in Scientific Reports, a journal published as part of Nature Portfolio. According to their website, Scientific Reports is the 5th most-cited journal in the world, based on the report by Clarivate Analytics.

In this work we used bioinformatic, statistical, and machine learning tools to interpret the metagenomic DNA extracted from an archeological chewing-gum. The topic is very attractive, so many news outlets pubished it around the world. Google showed me almost 40 articles pubished in Türkiye, USA, Spain, Italy, India, Peru, Mexico, France, Romania, Iran, and China. Of course, there are press releases in the homepages of Stockholm University and Mersin University. Stockholm University even published it in English, not only in Swedish.

According to Altmetric, the paper is in the top 5% of all research optput ever tracked by them.

Emrah did a post-doc with me some years ago, when we started using metagenomic tools to analyze the bacterial part of ancient DNA. At that time most people worked on the human part of aDNA. We had a work presented in Barcelona (International Conference of Systems Biology) and then Emrah spent two months with Macha Nikolski, one of my collaborators at that time, where he got updated in machine learning methods. Then he moved to Stockholm, working with Dr. Anders Götherström and his team.

It is nice to see the name of out department, and our University, shown around the world. The paper is freely available following this link: Metagenomic analysis of Mesolithic chewed pitch reveals poor oral health among stone age individuals.

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