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Homework 3

20 October 2023. Deadline: Thursday, 26 October, 12:00. by Andrés Aravena, Ph.D.

As we discussed in class, we want to evaluate the hamming distance between each pair of genetic codes. Each genetic code is represented by a string of 64 letters. You can find them at the document “NCBI genetic code” in Google Sheets.

This question is easy if you know the tools (for instance, if you took the course “Computing in Molecular Biology”), but can be hard without the good tools. It is like trying to do building furniture (carpentry) with your bare hands. Therefore, only for this homework, you can use all the help you can find. Ask your friends, use ChatGPT, Google it, etcetera. I recommend you check Wikipedia entry for the book “How to Solve It” by G. Polyá.

The only condition that we ask is that you write your answer in your own words and you understand it. You should be able to explain how the solution is found, and why does this work.

To be clear: the answer to this question is not “the hamming distance between all genetic codes”. Instead we look for “the protocol we can follow to calculate such distances”.

Please write a document with your answer and send it directly to Do not forget to include title, author (with student number) and date. Write your student number on the email’s subject line.


Deadline: Thursday, 26 October, 12:00.

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