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Handling thesis drafts

12 December 2021

If you are doing your thesis under my supervision, then you need to read this article. It describes how we interact using online tools.

Your thesis is a major project, so it needs to be managed with different rules. It is not a letter. Microsoft Word is good for a letter, but it is not the best for a thesis. The following strategy will allow us to adapt Microsoft Word or Google Docs for a major project.

My method uses text files in Markdown format, that are later handled by pandoc, a versatile tool for document preparation. These files can be managed and distributed using Git, so all versions are stored and several people can work on them at the same time, even without internet access. Nevertheless, if Markdown and Git are not tools that you use frequently, you can use Microsoft Word or, better, Google Documents. The last one is preferable, since it allows several editors at the same time, if internet access is available. Moreover, if you copy a Microsoft Word file in .docx format, Google Documents will and handle it correctly.

In the rest of this document we will assume that we use Word files. Still, most of the recommendations are valid for Markdown files.

This is the protocol as 2021-12-12 00:00:00 +0300. It may change later as we use it. Please ask any question that arises.

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