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Homework 1

12 March 2021. Deadline: Wednesday, 31 March, 23:59.
  1. Answer the Welcome Survey

  2. Write, with your own words, a summary of the paper

    Stefan et al. “The Quantitative Methods Boot Camp: Teaching Quantitative Thinking and Computing Skills to Graduate Students in the Life Sciences”. PLoS Computational Biology 11, 1–12 (2015).

    The document should be written in Rmarkdown format and must contain between 500 and 1000 words. All text must be original. In other words, copy-and-paste is forbidden.

  3. Write, in the same document, a section explaining why you are studying “Computing in Molecular Biology and Genetics”. Please explain your personal motivations and what do you expect to learn from this course.

As usual, send your answers by email. Do not wait until the last minute. If you plan correctly, you only need a few minutes every day and you will finish soon.

The grade will depend on the originality of the text, the quality of the English text, and the time taken to deliver the answer. In other words, be good and be fast. Manage your time.

Deadline: Wednesday, 31 March, 23:59.

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