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Homework 2

19 February 2020. Deadline: Wednesday, 26 February, 8:30.

In Science, the validity of your results depends on peer review. It does not matter who are you, who is your friend, or if your boss/teacher thinks that your work is good.

Your work is evaluated by someone like you. You will evaluate the work of other people like you. And you will learn to recognize the good and bad ideas.

This weeks’ homework is to do this with the work of your classmates. All the process is done online.

All homework is mandatory. You have to write your email address, student number and scratch account name. The rest of the answers are optional, but it is expected that you answer most of them.

While you are on this, remember also to fill the Welcome survey. It is mandatory.

Be honest, and be a good team player. And deliver on time.

Still not clear?

Somebody told me that he did not understood how to do this homework. It is easy:

If you have not done it before, please answer the Welcome survey. It is mandatory. It is easy. It will make you a better person.

Deadline: Wednesday, 26 February, 8:30.

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