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Homework 6

06 December 2019. Deadline: Tuesday, 17 December, 8:00.

Another homework, another chance to learn, another chance to ask questions.

The homework can be seen at Follow the instructions there.

Write your student number in the correct place at the beginning of the answer file. You should be able to Knit HTML and get the same results as the original document. Please do Knit often and verify that your document has no errors.

Send the answers.Rmd file to my mailbox ( Be sure to use the correct email address and send only one file.

Everybody must answer the homework, especially the students doing the course for second or third time. Homework is not optional and has to be delivered on time. If you cannot answer some questions, it is fine to deliver an empty answer.

Deadline: Tuesday, 17 December, 8:00.

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