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Systems Biology

01 September 2018

This course is an introduction to the theoretical tools that are used to understand the emerging behavior of complex biological networks. Systems Biology is a systemic approach to understand the biological phenomena that occurs inside a cell at the molecular level.

Slides used in classes

Most classes are done on a whiteboard, so you need to keep your own paper copy. Some of these classes are later transcribed into webpage and published here. When the class used slides, they are published here.

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Online material


The forum of the course is at You can also participate writing an email to . Feel free to use it to ask any question or give any answer.

Transcriptional Regulation

  • Which genes code for transcription factors?
  • Which are their binding sites?
  • How do they change gene expression?
    • enhancer
    • repressor

Binding Sites

  • Few experimental results. Expensive
  • How can we generalize them?
    • Probability theory
    • other approaches