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Get to know your cables

02 March 2018

Picture this. You have been invited to present your work in a prestigious university, in front of nice people with whom you would like to collaborate, or maybe work in the same department. You prepared your slides, some videos, and configured everything in your computer. You get to the podium, dressed for success, and then you realize that you cannot connect your computer to the projector of your host. You are forced to copy your presentation to someone’s else computer, which does not have the fonts and the codecs that make your presentation memorable. The video cannot be seen, the tables luck ugly and your professional reputation is stained.

Well, fear no more. You can learn about the different kind of cables in the page Video Uyumluluk Matrisi. Take a look at it and at your computer. You should know what kind of video output you have. Then you can see if it is compatible with the cable that your host has. And maybe you will need to get an adapter.

An alternative, that I do not recommend, is to copy your presentation to an USB stick. It is fine if you do only simple things, but if you have video or fonts that are beyond the basic ones, you risk failure.

Always test your presentation before using the same computer and the same projector that you will use. You can do a quick test the day before even if your presentation is not ready. And always test all slides before presenting.

Check if the colors have good contrast. Green and yellow are not always green and yellow. Some bad cables make everything look blue or red (why?).

Look at the projector screen from the back of the room. Can you read the small letters?

Remember that your future collaborators or bosses may be in the public. Invest in your image. Your reputation is your capital.

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