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Molecular Slideology

14 February 2018

The official name of this course is “Seminar”, from the latin word Seminarium, a college that prepares students to be priests, ministers, or rabbis; which itself derives from the latin word for seed. Seminarists are trained to spread the word like a seed. Today our goal is to learn how to prepare and deliver good scientific presentations, speak in public and spread the seed of knowledge. Presentations are usually supported by visual elements, typically projected slides. We have a lot of theory and we need a lot of practice.



Here you find the slides that have been used in classes. Notice that some material is said and not written, so you better take good notes. We recommend taking notes with pen and paper using the Cornell Method.


By regulation from the Rectory, students need to attend at least 70% of the classes. The attendance book is updated every week and can be seen in Google Sheets.


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