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Homework after Class 6

28 February 2017. Deadline: Monday, 6 March, 14:00.

The Quiz was delayed and this homework was cancelled. This homework is replaced by the Exercieses after Class 8.

The next week we will have a graded quiz. It will be like an exam and it will allow you to practice for the real exam.

To prepare for that, please take the code of the function simulate that we developed in classes, put it in a .Rmd file, and modify it as follows:

Your Rmarkdown document should have three parts, one for each question. At the beginning you should declare these functions:

gravity <- function(pos, K=20, L=1, mass=0.1) {
  return(-9.8 * mass)

coil <- function(pos, K=20, L=1, mass=0.1) {
  return( K*(L-pos) )

On each question use your code to simulate and make a graphic of hese two cases:

y1 <- simulate(N=90, y_init=1.2, s_init=0, mass=0.1, force=gravity, delta=0.1)
y2 <- simulate(N=90, y_init=1.2, s_init=0, mass=0.1, force=coil, delta=0.1)

Send your answer to the my accout at

Deadline: Monday, 6 March, 14:00.