Blog of Andrés Aravena

Gebze Technical University

20 October 2016

Today I had the opportuity to present my work on building putative transcriptional regulatory networs at Gebze Technical University. Dr. Pınar Pir invited me to give a seminar on the course coordinated by Dr. Saliha Durmuş Tekir. It was well received, in particular when I spoke about “why biologist should learn math”.

Later I had an interesting converastion with Dr. Tunahan Çakır and one of his students. This student was particullarly intersted on my talk, asking many interesting questions. Well, at least he asked the same questions I ask myself, so maybe I’m biased. He is working on methods to find the reaction constants of the metabolic network with something that sounded like “random sampling and hoping for the best”. I think that a simple formalization of the real mathematical question my benefit them. It sounds like a minimization problem. We spoke about maybe meeting again later. Let’s see.

The slides I used can be seen here.