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Homework for Class 3

16 February 2016

Read the short story “Funes the Memorious” (by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges). You can find it on the web.


These exercises are not graded but help you to understand the subject and learn effectively.

All the current and previous exercises have their own web page, which is useful to prepare for the exam. The most important exercises of this week are:

  1. Practice the usage of GEOquery. Read the series GSE3541
    • use RStudio Environment pane to examine the components of the resulting object
    • which are the samples?
    • which is the platform?
    • do you need to download the platform?
    • which are the genes?
  2. If the mean is a single value to summarize a vector, how can we choose 2 values to have a better model? Or 3? Or any k number of models?