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Workshop: Introduction to Data Science

09 July 2015

This workshop is finished. We used to meet every Tuesday at the Math Department computer laboratory between February and June 2015. After that date, the workshop become the course “Computing in Molecular Biology”

An Introduction to R language and Data Science

This workshop is was oriented mainly to graduate students from Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, but can did include other people if they show a strong motivation and a good project.

The idea is to help each one to solve some specific scientific problems involving data, graphs or statistics. We will move from raw data up to publication quality graphs. If we are lucky we may even write a paper draft.

Each session will have two of three people presenting their problems1 and how they currently handle them. We will discuss together some ideas on how to improve the solution and lern new tools in the process. We encourage the creative participation of the students (and the professor).

The language of the seminar is English2. Every student should bring his/her computer and have RStudio installed.


We will explore subjects guided by the needs of the participants, mainly around R language, but not limited to it. We probably will also learn about

We may also learn a bit of Python, if needed. And we will make graphics like these

You can get a copy of our fancy poster to share with your friends.


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