Blog of Andrés Aravena

Seminar at Department of Mathematics

15 April 2015

I spent a couple of months on the office of the Director of the Mathematics Department at Istanbul University. We were moving from the old Biology building to new offices, which were not yet finished, so Terje and I had to stay somewhere else for a while.

Although it was funny to seat on the boss chair, we eventually moved to the definitive desks. I went to say “thank you” to the real Department Director, Prof.Dr. Kamuran Saygılı. In response, he kindly introduced me to Yrd. Doc. Dr. Şükrü Yalçinkaya, who coordinates the Department Seminars.

At the end they invited me to give a talk about my work using Math to do research on Molecular Biology. I gave the talk today, it was a very nice experience. Thank you Kamuran and Şükrü.

The slides can be seen here.