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Homework 1

27 February 2024. Deadline: Tuesday, 7 March, 16:00. by Andrés Aravena, Ph.D.

Large numbers

Please read the short story “The Library of Babel” by J. L. Borges. In summary, it is the story of a large library containing books with all possible combinations of 25 symbols. Each line has 80 characters, there are 40 lines on each page and 410 pages on each book.

This is a question about handling large numbers.

Interval arithmetic

What is the weight of this ferry? Estimate an interval for the weight, as narrow as possible.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Drake’s equation

In 1961 the scientist Francis Drake proposed the following formula to estimate the number of alien civilizations that can contact us

\[N = R_* \cdot f_\mathrm{p} \cdot n_\mathrm{e} \cdot f_\mathrm{l} \cdot f_\mathrm{i} \cdot f_\mathrm{c} \cdot L\]


Drake made the following estimations

Please use interval arithmetic to find the smallest and largest value of \(N\) under this model.`

Deadline: Tuesday, 7 March, 16:00.

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