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Homework 4

27 October 2023. Deadline: Thursday, 2 November, 12:00. by Andrés Aravena, Ph.D.

In the class we talked about how to calculate Levenstein distances in two cases

In both cases we can build a matrix using the formulas we wrote in the whiteboard (and you wrote in your notebook). We also built such matrices in the Google Sheet called “class04-bioinfo-2023”.

Please build similar matrices for the comparison of

You can build the matrices in a spreadsheet (as we did in class) or using a program, maybe in Python. Send me either the Excel file (filename extension XLSX) or the Python code to Do not forget to include title, author (with student number) and date. Write your student number on the email’s subject line.


Deadline: Thursday, 2 November, 12:00.

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