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Extra Homework 1

15 May 2019. Deadline: Exam day.

Which genes are different?

Read the Full Genome of C. rudii

Please download from NCBI the file AP009180.fna, containing the full genome of Carsonella rudii. The genome FASTA file contains one sequence for each chromosome. Read it into a list called chromosomes session and show how many chromosomes you got.

[1] 1
# write here

Take the genome from the chromosomes

Remember that read.fasta will always give you a list. For example, a list of all genes, a list of all proteins, a list of all DNA reads from the sequencing machine, or a list of all chromosomes. In most cases you want to use all elements of the list.

Since in this case we have only one chromosome, it is practical to assign it to a vector called genome.

# write here

Now you can show the length of this vector.

[1] 159662

Genome GC content

Now you can calculate the genome GC content (i.e. the mean of is_G_or_C event) and assign it to gc_genome. You can also calculate the variance of is_G_or_C and assign it to var_gc_genome. You need to use again the same is_G_or_C function that you used in the main part of Homework 11.

# write here

They values should be these:

[1] 0.1656437
[1] 0.1382067

This allow you to calculate how much variation of GC content is expected if the genes are random. We are lucky this time: you know the population variance, so you can predict the standard error of the GC[^stderr] of each gene as the standard deviation of the population divided by the square root of the gene length.


Now you must download the file c_rudii.fna.txt and save it in your computer. It has to be stored in your computer to be fast and efficient.

Using the library seqinr, please write the code to read the FASTA file and load all genes in a list called genes. Then calculate the length of each gene and store them in a vector called gene_length. You also need the GC content of each gene, that you should store in the vector gc_genesYou can use the function GC() from the seqinr library, or use mean(is_G_or_C(gene)).

# write here

Test your results with this code:

[1] 182
hist(gene_length, col="grey")

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-7

hist(gc_genes, col="grey")

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-7

Confidence intervals

Since the GC content is an average of many things, all with the same variance, then the genes GC content will follow a Normal distribution. Therefore you can calculate the confidence interval width using the qnorm() functionRemember that this time you know the population variance


Please calculate the vectors top and bottom, containing the limits of the confidence interval for each gene. Considere a confidence level of \((1-\alpha)=99.9\%.\)

Then you can see them in a plot like this:

plot(top, type="l", ylim=c(0, 0.3))

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-9

Atypical genes

These confidence intervals tells us how much variation can we expect in the GC content of a gene if it was a random sample of the genome. Any gene with GC content below bottom or over top are atypical. They have a very low probability of being just a random sample. Therefore, we often assume they are different due to a biological reason.

Please show which genes have GC content below bottom

BAF35036.1 BAF35037.1 BAF35045.1 BAF35052.1 BAF35058.1 BAF35065.1 
         5          6         14         21         27         34 
BAF35066.1 BAF35067.1 BAF35071.1 BAF35073.1 BAF35078.1 BAF35079.1 
        35         36         40         42         47         48 
BAF35081.1 BAF35085.1 BAF35087.1 BAF35090.1 BAF35101.1 BAF35102.1 
        50         54         56         59         70         71 
BAF35106.1 BAF35117.1 BAF35119.1 BAF35124.1 BAF35127.1 BAF35128.1 
        75         86         88         93         96         97 
BAF35132.1 BAF35133.1 BAF35140.1 BAF35142.1 BAF35145.1 BAF35154.1 
       101        102        109        111        114        123 
BAF35157.1 BAF35160.1 BAF35196.1 BAF35202.1 BAF35204.1 BAF35205.1 
       126        129        165        171        173        174 
BAF35207.1 BAF35211.1 BAF35213.1 
       176        180        182 
# write here

and which genes have GC content over top

BAF35038.1 BAF35040.1 BAF35060.1 BAF35082.1 BAF35093.1 BAF35103.1 
         7          9         29         51         62         72 
BAF35108.1 BAF35110.1 BAF35111.1 BAF35113.1 BAF35135.1 BAF35139.1 
        77         79         80         82        104        108 
BAF35156.1 BAF35168.1 BAF35184.1 BAF35188.1 BAF35189.1 BAF35191.1 
       125        137        153        157        158        160 
BAF35192.1 BAF35212.1 
       161        181 
# write here

Deadline: Exam day.